Symposium ISEE 2017

We organized a symposium on EPHT as part of the 29th Annual Scientific Conference of the International Society of Environmental Epidemiology held in Sydney, Australia from 24 – 28 September 2017. The theme for the 29th Conference was “Healthy places, healthy people – where are the connections”.

Symposium: Environmental Public Health Tracking: Approaches and Tools for Advancing the Goals of Healthy Places and People

Environmental Public Health Tracking (EPHT) —the ongoing collection, integration, analysis, and reporting of hazard, exposure, and health outcome data—is an important application of environmental epidemiology. We discussed how EPHT translates environmental health evidence into routine public health surveillance  to provide actionable data to communities for decision making.

The following presentations were given as part of this symposium:

Environmental public health and environmental tracking: Implications for the future of environmental health practice and improvement. Daniel Kass, Senior Vice President, Vital Strategies, Inc. , New York, NY 10006 USA

Environmental public health tracking: Approaches and tools for advancing the goals of healthy places and people. Heather Strosnider, US CDC, Atlanta, USA

International Collaborative Network on Carbon Monoxide (CO): A Global Dialogue for public health tracking and management of CO risks. Srikanth Mangalam, Founder and President, Public Risk Management (PRISM) Institute, Mississauga, Canada

Introducing environmental public health tracking to small island developing states: A case study in Tonga. Matthew Ashworth, Senior Scientist, Institute of Environmental Science and Research Limited, Christchurch 8041 New Zealand